Curriculum Vitae for Andrew Holland

Personal details

Location: Perth, WA
Current: Software engineer @ PetRescue


I am a motivated, hard-working, self-starter with a passion for computing – programming in particular. This is evidenced by my continuous contributions to open-source projects (see below).

I have a positive attitude towards work and can adapt to different tasks and situations, working well within a team as well as individually.

I pay close attention to detail, maximizing the quality and standard of the work I produce. My strong willingness to continually develop my skills, and learn from my experiences, ensures that I am constantly looking for ways to improve myself and take criticism constructively.

Skills & expertise


I have been contributing to open-source projects since 2015 when I found rom-rb, this project resonated with me as I had often thought about the unnecessary coupling between many ORMs and an SQL datastore.

Since my first PR I became increasingly involved with rom-rb and its supporting projects. My first major PR on rom-rb enabled the creation of multiple rom-rb environments, where it had previously only supported a single global environment accessible via the ROM top-level constant. I later created the rom-http adapter, enabling the use of rom with a HTTP API backend.

I later created the dry-rb organisation on Github along with Piotr Solnica and published the dry-configurable and dry-container gems on Rubygems.

I have also made many contributions to the transproc gem, which is used as a mapping backend for rom-rb, the most notable of which was the addition of the Transproc::Transformer class-level DSL, which later became the primary mapping DSL for rom changesets.


Fatsoma Ltd (Software Engineer) Jul 2014 - Present

Fatsoma Ltd is a social ticketing platform with a development team of around 15 people - consisting of front-end, back-end, iOS and Android developers.

The Fatsoma platform consists of over 20 backend services, an Ember.js application, a mobile website, iOS and Android apps. Features are developed in 2 week sprints and delivered continously throughout. My responsibilities include maintaining and developing features on the backend (Rails) services and Ember.js application, reviewing code, deploying changes and creating new services to fit the needs of the development of the platform.

Phantom Ltd (Senior Web Developer) Mar 2014 - Jul 2014

Phantom Ltd is a commercial and leisure vehicle tracking company based in Stockport, UK.

At Phantom, the web development team consisted of myself, the technical director, a junior developer and graphic designer. I had previously worked at Phantom Ltd as a junior web developer (see below), and was asked to return to assist with scaling and updating the platform to suit the needs of clients with vehicle fleets of varying sizes. In addition to this, my responsibilities included providing guidance to the technical director and junior developer with features that they were working on, as well as discussing the development and direction of the platform with the company directors.

Cirrus Connect (Web Developer) April 2013 - Mar 2014

Cirrus Connect are leadership and brand engagement specialists based in Cheshire, UK. I was employed by Cirrus after Custard Media Solutions (my previous employer) went into liquidation. Cirrus were a key client for both Custard Media Solutions and Kudos Web Solutions, they employed me (along with other developers from Custard/Kudos) to continue the work they would previously outsource.

My duties at Cirrus Connect included; installing, deploying and maintaining project management software (Redmine), developing bespoke web applications in Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML, Slim, Javascript, jQuery, CSS and SASS.

Custard Media Solutions (Web Developer) February 2013 - April 2013

Custard Media Solutions were a full-service web agency based in Bolton, UK. I was employed by Custard as a result of a merger between the aforementioned and my previous employer (Kudos Web Solutions).

My responsibilities as a Web Developer at Custard included; developing bespoke web applications in Ruby on Rails, PHP (Yii framework), HTML, Slim, Javascript, jQuery, CSS and SASS, developing plugins for CubeCart (an open-source PHP e-commerce platform), maintaining/updating existing customers websites, and server configuration when necessary.

I worked with a team of 4 back-end developers and 4 front-end developers/web designers, so communication was key.

Kudos Web Solutions (Junior Web Developer) September 2012 - February 2013

Kudos Web Solutions were a small web design/development agency based in Manchester, UK.

My duties at Kudos included developing bespoke web applications in PHP (Yii framework), HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. I also learned Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Slim, SASS, CoffeeScript and SVN on the job and grew comfortable with them quite quickly.

Phantom Ltd (Junior Web Developer) May 2011 - October 2012

At Phantom the web development team consisted of myself, the technical director and graphic designer. In my time at Phantom I developed a bespoke CRM system, it featured an AJAX-rich UI, data-visualisation (using Google chart tools), a contractor-dispatch management system using Google maps API V3 and the Haversine formula to calculate the closest contractors to the job. I also developed a CSV-SMS integration for the Football Association and a web-based fleet-vehicle tracking system. In addition to this I developed a tracking unit emulator using Node.js and the Google maps directions service.

Wren Properties (Labourer) July 2010 - May 2011

My responsibilities in this role included assisting the plumbers, joiner, plasterer and foreman to ensure their jobs were completed efficiently; plying floors, levelling floorboards, hanging radiators and cleaning. Although this work is not linked to IT, I feel that I gained many valuable skills such as teamwork, communication and a good attitude towards work.


Zenos IT Academy 2009-2010
Tameside College 2007-2009
Hartshead Sports College 2002-2007
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